St. Croix Renaissance Group LLLP is a partnership of Brownfields Recovery Corporation, which is a division of Mugar Enterprises, and Myron Allick, a successful businessman who is based in the U.S. Virgin Islands. The partners formed SCRG in 2001 to acquire and develop St. Croix Renaissance Park. Members of the SCRG management team have worked together successfully from more than 20 years on numerous real estate development projects and other business ventures.


In 1962, Harvey Aluminum Corporation, working in conjunction with the USVI Government, developed the property for its alumina production operations, which involved the extraction of alumina from bauxite. In addition to building the site's industrial complex, Harvey Alumina also created Port St. Croix by blasting a large channel out of caliche at the coastline of the property. The Port, which extends out more than one mile from the mainland, provides one of the best hurricane sheltered harbors in the Caribbean.

Over the next 40 years, several other alumina companies including Martin Marietta, the Virgin Islands Alumina Corporation, and finally Alcoa World Aluminum Corporation owned and operated the site.

In the late 1990s, the alumina market weakened substantially, and in 2000 Alcoa decided to close the facility. St. Croix Renaissance Group LLLP purchased the property from Alcoa in June 2002 in order to remediate and reposition it for local and regional commercial opportunities.

Jehangir Zakaria - Jehangir serves as the Vice President and Chief Operating Officer for SCRG and oversees all activities related to reactivation of the industrial park.  Mr. Zakaria has more than 30 years of experience in conventional and alternative and renewable energy project development, implementation and operations.  He brings to the management team experience and capabilities in energy technology feasibilities, technical and financial modeling, project management, environmental permitting, contract negotiations, and assets management.  Before joining SCRG, Mr. Zakaria served as the project and process engineer and performance optimization and operations manager for SEMASS, one of the world’s largest waste-to-energy plants.  As a chief engineer and performance manager, Mr. Zakaria also operated and optimized the performance of a large waste-to-energy plant in Detroit, Michigan. He has extensive research and development experience in advanced energy technologies, and has designed constructed and operated waste pyrolysis and low-grade coal fluidized bed combustion plants with steam and power generation. In his last major overseas assignment, Mr. Zakaria was responsible for developing and implementing a US$300 million, 235 MW, natural gas, combined cycle, independent power project.  He holds a MS degree in mechanical engineering from Cornell University and is a licensed professional engineer in the USVI, Massachusetts, and four other states.  Mr. Zakaria is also a Board Certified Environmental Engineer in the American Academy of Environmental Engineers, a Registered Environmental Manager in the National Registry of Environmental Professionals, and Member American Society of Mechanical Engineers.